For its second project, Vocal Dating toured through China from 19 March to 30 March 2015 with New York State of Mind. Also, Vocal Dating gave two shows in ZIMIHC Theater Zuilen for a full Dutch audience on February 14th, 2015. During these unique shows in the Netherlands and China, New York State of Mind took the audience all the way to classy and jazzy New York. The central themes in this show were all about reaching the top, and living the dream; a full experience of the intercultural side of New York, through visiting Broadway and by feeling Motown groovin’ all over with Stevie Wonder. All in a complete jazzy state of mind.

Besides two shows in Utrecht, New York State of Mind was shown in six Chinese theaters: Taicang, Shenyang, Yingkou, Dalian, Hefei and Nanjing. With a group of 17 consisting of musicians, singers, technicians and a make-up artist, the tour took the group all over China, with domestic flights, buses, taxis and high-speed trains.

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The sky is the limit

Gisteren gingen we ’s ochtends met de trein van Hefei naar Nanjing, wat betekende dat we lekker konden uitslapen tot wel 7.00 uur; een luxe die niet vanzelfsprekend is voor ons tourende [...]

Hysterie in Hefei

Ons leven hier bestaat – na de sightseeingdagen in Shanghai – uit slapen, eten, reizen, slapen, eten, reizen, soundchecken, eten, optreden, slapen. Deze vrijdag begon voor ons met een wake-up [...]

De kop is eraf!

“Wow, I’ve never seen such a show in my life!”. Aldus één van de 700 toeschouwers in Taicang na onze allereerste show. Een mooier compliment kun je niet krijgen. Nadat we de Chinese reacties in [...]


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