In December 2013, Vocal Dating was established by Caroline Grasmeijer and Arjan van der Star and focuses on producing projects at the intersection of vocal performance and other art disciplines. As a brand of Stichting Vocal Dating (The Vocal Dating Foundation), Vocal Dating created a unique three-fold concept for its full-entertainment productions; the triple P model, which stands for Passion, Performance and Professionalism. Different international collaborations have been set up and further expansion is constantly sought for. The first projects of Vocal Dating consist of three concerts tours through China, which took vocal groups with either a band or a full orchestra to the biggest and most prominent Chinese theaters and concert halls. These shows were titled ‘Take a chance on me’, ‘New York State Of Mind’ and ‘Viva La Vida’. In China, Vocal Dating is commonly branded as 荷兰好声音爱乐乐团 (The Voice of Dutch Jazz Vocals) or 荷兰好声音爱乐乐团 (Orchestra Holland).

Mission – Vision

The mission of Vocal Dating is to inspire people from all around the world through vocal projects, music and culture exchange, in which Passion, Performance and Professionalism are the central elements towards success.

The vision of Vocal Dating is to equally combine Passion, Performance and Professionalism in its performances and projects in order to be able to fully entertain people in a renewed way through this triple P concept.


Both Arjan van der Star and Caroline Grasmeijer, as founders of Vocal Dating, are experienced musicians and directors. Their long-time collaboration goes back to the year of 2011 as both being part of the well-renowned Vocal Group Utrecht; Caroline as conductor, Arjan as singer. Currently, they are both the artistic managers of Vocal Dating.

  • Caroline Grasmeijer
    Caroline Grasmeijer Musical Director

    In 2008, Caroline Grasmeijer (1985) obtained her Bachelor of Education in Music degree at the Utrecht Conservatory. Further, she graduated on leadership competencies for choir conductors for her Master of Education in Arts in 2013. On top of that, she finished a course for light vocal conducting with an 8.5 grade in 2014. Currently she gives leadership workshops for conductors, works as a music and arts teacher at a high school and is artistic leader and conductor of three different choirs. After establishing Vocal Group Utrecht in 2009, she performed with this group on national television and several theater tours were produced in both the Netherlands and China. A few years later, she founded Vocal Dating together with Arjan van der Star in December 2013, and now acts as Vocal Dating’s Music Director.

  • Arjan van der Star
    Arjan van der Star Operational Director

    Arjan van der Star (1990) has several years of experience in the coordination and (financial) management of different initiatives, projects and international associations. Arjan is a trained health scientist, has a passion for public health and for creating a better and more beautiful world. He obtained a Master of Science in Health Economics, Policy & Law at the Erasmus University Rotterdam in 2013. Since 2011, he has been a semi-professional singer as part of Vocal Group Utrecht and has performed on many international stages. In December 2013, he founded Vocal Dating together with Caroline Grasmeijer as a new platform for inspiring people globally through vocal projects, music and art. Since its establishment in 2013, he functions as the Operational Director of Vocal Dating.


  • "Het is echt supergaaf om met een groep mensen die dezelfde passie hebben als jij een muzikale prestatie neer te zetten waarvan je zelf niet had verwacht dat je het zou kunnen. Om in enorme theaters op te treden, waarbij je normaal gesproken alleen in het publiek zit. Om omarmd te worden door een publiek in een cultuur die zo anders is als de jouwe. Om je écht even een artiest te voelen – vol optredens, applaus, ontmoetingen, adrenaline en successen. Een ervaring om nooit te vergeten!"  - Dutch

    Nienke Wieldraaijer

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