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Celebrating Chinese New Year in Utrecht, NL
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March 19, 2016 - Zutphen, NL - Project 3 in concert
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Viva La Vida, New York State of Mind & Take A Chance On Me



In December 2013, Vocal Dating was established by Caroline Grasmeijer and Arjan van der Star and focuses on producing projects at the intersection of vocal performance and other art disciplines. As a brand of Stichting Vocal Dating (The Vocal Dating Foundation), Vocal Dating created a unique three-fold concept for its full-entertainment productions; the triple P model, which stands for Passion, Performance and Professionalism. Different international collaborations have been set up and further expansion is constantly sought for. The first projects of Vocal Dating consist of three concerts tours through China, which took vocal groups with either a band or a full orchestra to the biggest and most prominent Chinese theaters and concert halls. These shows were titled ‘Take a chance on me’, ‘New York State Of Mind’ and ‘Viva La Vida’. In China, Vocal Dating is commonly branded as 荷兰好声音爱乐乐团 (The Voice of Dutch Jazz Vocals) or 荷兰好声音爱乐乐团 (Orchestra Holland).


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